About Winetification and the Art of Wine Tasting

About Winetification and the Art of Wine Tasting

Winetification was born out of a first-world necessity. We were tired of reading overly pretentious wine reviews that overused confusing and close to incomprehensible terms. In plain words, we hate stuck-up wine sites and reviews.

Please don’t get us wrong.

We are all about experiencing wine with the proper etiquette. In fact, a whole section of our website includes information about culture and etiquette. But, wine educational resources and review sites tend to be overly stuck-up (we can’t think of a better word).

So… What do we do?

Our website offers articles and tips about wine tasting culture and wine reviews.

Culture and Etiquette

Wine tasting culture is important. It is not about being pretentious or showing off what you know. It is about about achieving another level of understanding and appreciation for the art of wine making.

Our articles focus specifically on tasting wine – etiquette, how-to’s, and informational posts that can help you take your tasting experience to the next level.

We hope you don’t just read our articles. We want you to EXPERIENCE our articles.

Next time you are having a glass of wine with someone, we want you to talk about what you have learned. Use your new knowledge to enjoy your tasting experience to the fullest.

Wine Reviews and Ratings

Our reviews are tailored to everyone and not just wine experts or connoisseurs. Our rating system is based on a scale from 0 to 5. Zero means whoever rated the wine would never buy a bottle of that wine under any circumstances. A 5 means that he (or she) absolutely will buy a bottle in the future to try again.

This rating is simple…

… We know.

We really don’t want to ask regular people to try to fit their tasting experience into weird categories.

In reality, when you are considering to purchase a new bottle in the store, there is only one thing on your mind: should I buy this bottle or not?

Clearly, it is a complicated choice sometimes, since wine is very complex by nature.





Even Presentation…

So, in a way we are trying to bypass all that complicated decision making and help you reach the answer you need to get to. Again. Should I buy this wine or not?

But, buying a bottle of wine for the sake of buying something is not good. We understand that you are looking for something you will enjoy. So, we ask people just like you, all around the world, the same question with the hope their answer can help you answer your own question.

Until Next Time. Cheers

At the end of the day, our mission is to help you learn about wines, and accompany you throughout a lifetime of wine tasting adventures.

Taste. Enjoy. Learn.


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