It may not be a good idea to mix different styles of wine on your palate. Even in the middle of a course, it is better to be ready to separate the tastes so you can be able to savor the food.

To wine lovers, cleansing the palate must be an important aspect. Each wine has its own experience to give and that is why you need to take care of this.

Most of the time, cleansing the palate is done with food. Still, depending if you’re during a wine tasting or during a meal, different strategies are used.

In a Wine Tasting

During the wine tasting, cleansing the palate is more important. Mixing different styles of wine affect the experience. Without any food, the mix gets more noticed.

In this case, here are 6 ways to cleanse the palate for these cases:

  • Beer: one of the favorite ways according to many sommeliers. When tasting some beer between different bottles of wine may be enough to make sure you’re not mixing. Because both drinks have a huge contrast to their tastes, it helps a lot.
  • White bread and water: a simple yet effective option. The white bread absorbs the residue of wine in your palate and the water gently rinses the mouth. Beer may be good, but it will fill you if the wine tasting is quite long.
  • Tortilla Chips: it works like white bread. Due to the neutral and dry aspect of the chip, it also absorbs most of the residue of wine left in the palate.
  • Cheese: Some people serve cheese because they enjoy it. What most people don’t know is that cheese helps cleanse the palate. Strong flavors like Swiss, Emmental, Roquefort, and Manchego work best. You will give your palate enough contrast to be able to taste the next wine in the course.
  • Olives: Just like cheese, few people know the cleansing effects of olives. It also provides the contrast to cleanse the palate.

During A Meal Or Course

When mixing wine with food, it may be hard to know which is the most effective way. Sometimes you need to know the right ingredients to make sure to cleanse the palate. Some of these may be hard to ask for when you are in a restaurant, but there are still other easier options.

Here are 6 ways to cleanse your palate during a meal or course:

  • Pineapple: a gentle bite before switching a bottle may be great. Also used before eating fish like tilapia, pineapple is very effective in these cases.
  • Lemon or Lime: just like the pineapple, with a bite, you could cleanse the palate.
  • Ice Cream: the king to cleanse the palate during meal courses, it also works for wine. If you have eaten some beef and then you want a white wine with your next plate, like fish, the ice cream will work for you. For the ultimate cleansing, it works great if it is lime or pineapple flavored.
  • Beef: For cases that you’re switching between different red wines, don’t worry if you’re eating beef. The beef will absorb most of the wine. Doesn’t matter if it has some strong sauce, it will be no problem in this case.
  • Salad: this gentle meal also works in these cases. Having some salad in between meals and wines always helps to tame the palate.

Different Cases, Lots Of Choices

Some of these options are more effective than others, but it is important to know a few of them in case you can’t find them. Also, knowing what you can use for wine tasting or meal courses is important.

Doesn’t matter the case, you will always be able to cleanse your palate and experience wine the way it should be.