When the summer heat stays all day, our love of wine could wind down for cooler drinks. Why? If Argentina and Spain keep drinking wine with temperatures between 95º and 105º, we could drink during the summer. Even though heat can be an enemy of wine, you can mix the drinks and try out some new ways to experience wine.

Fermentado = Wine + Soda

This is the secret special mix Argentinians have tasted for decades. Mixing soda and wine might be crazy at first, but there’s a refreshing taste to the fermentado. Make sure there’s more wine than soda in the mix and add some ice cubes to keep it cool. Mixing wine could be weird for many, but this could help you enjoy the wine during the summer.

Tinto De Verano = Wine + Gaseosa

From Spain comes another variation of the fermentado called Tinto De Verano. This drink replaces soda with Sprite, 7Up, or even Fanta. Serve this drink with some ice cubes and make sure it is a 60/40 mix: 60% wine and 40% the refreshing drink of your choice.

Grab A Cabernet And Enjoy The Summer

A good Cabernet Sauvignon is the ideal wine grape variety for this mix and the whole summer. A fully bodied wine blends well with the soda, providing a more acid taste compared to a sangria.

In the case of the Tinto de Verano, the 7Up or Sprite will provide the sweetness for a balanced taste. Try out some Cabernets from Concha del Toro or San Pedro Vinery. They aren’t pricey and they have that right balance from a Cabernet: soft, with enough body to sustain by itself in the mix.

Wether it is fermentado or tinto de verano, taste these new wine options for the summer. You won’t regret it.