Still not sure about what to do for your loved one? Wine is the superior drink for any romantic event. There are many ways to improve your Valentine’s Day with these simple tips.

Special Wine For A Special Occasion

Many people are inclined to try out red wine, as it is the most popular type. But with a special occasion on the horizon, you should try out a different style of wine. A Pinot Noir is red wine, but it has a distinctive tasting to many common types like Cabernet Sauvignon.

Rosé wine is also a very distinctive choice if you are planning the meal for the day. There are many types to choose from. Take your time to taste two or three bottles of different types to make your choice.

Plan Your Meals In Advance

With the chosen wine of your preference, try pairing the wine with the meal course. Is Rosé or white wine is your choice, a grilled salmon is your best choice, as it is also a different style of seafood. Using shrimp as an appetizer is also a safe bet. For the end of your lovely dinner, add some strawberries and chocolate for dessert.

In the case of white wine, goat cheese with some crackers are also a great choice as an appetizer. Chocolate is also accepted for dessert.

Customize Glasses

A special romantic dinner is all about the details. There are many ways to add decorations for wine glasses and have them as a very special souvenir.

There are many DIY options to customize glasses by adding names or special designs. If this isn’t your specialty, then you might do some search for customized glasses. There are many companies out there that could do the job.

Sometimes, even a slight detail like a bottle stopper, a wine stem charm, or adding some hearts to the glass with a permanent marker can make the difference.

Be Special

Even though there are many options to have a special date, remember that you know better than anyone what your couple enjoys. Make it personal, special, and unique. Don’t impose an agenda and be willing to make changes to accommodate your loved one.