There are some caveats that are tough to handle when handling wine. You’re not sure about breaking the glass, why the bottle drips and how serving the wine could be easier and fancier. You want to look good when serving the wine, especially if you’ve taken the time to explain to your guests what you are serving.

Here are some tips that will help you in serving wine in your next party.

  1. Do It One-Handed: holding the bottle with one hand is the most fluid way to serve wine. Hold the bottle 3/4 from the top, fingers together except the index finger. The index finger will allow you to control the inclination of the bottle when serving.
  2. Close, Far, Close: With wine, oxygen is an important aspect of the taste. Letting some air flow through the wine helps especially for aged wines. The best way is to start pouring close to the glass, then start separating from the glass to let air flow, and get closer as you finish serving. This isn’t only a subtle flourish but serves a purpose for the wine itself.
  3. Turn The Bottle, No Dripping: To prevent the wine from dripping, incline the bottle upward while in contact with the glass. Twist the bottle in this fashion, letting the drips fall into the glass. With this technique, you’ll no longer look like a fool when trying to Don’t let the drops fall to the floor or clothing.

These are some simple steps that will help you serve wine. Everything helps give your guests a pleasurable experience. It will also help you look good, too!