Now that the chilly mornings are ending and the sunny afternoons are back in town, it’s time to get prepared for spring. With the temperature rising and that blooming sun beaming every day, your wine is in danger.

Here in Winetification, we’ve stated that heat is the main enemy of wine. There’s still something you can do about it by just moving your bottles, thinking about where to store them, and having a bucket or handkerchief in handy.

1. Avoid The Light

The sunny days will stay for a while, that is for sure. So it is time to hide your wine bottles from any sort of direct sunlight. Yes, that wine bottle you have in your window? Keep it there and it will eventually turn into vinegar.

As spring comes strong, keeping the wine away from windows or any source of direct sunlight is the best move you could do.

Be sure to store the bottles in a cool, dark place, to prevent the loss of any flavor.

2. Reconsider Wine Storage

It is time to reconsider the way you store wine.

Is it a good time to purchase a wine refrigerator? Evaluate this option, as it could be the right choice if you have many bottles around the house. If you just have a couple bottles around the house, better keep them in the lower areas of the fridge.

Make sure the refrigerator is kept in a place with average temperature. You don’t want any surprises in your next electricity bill, as hot areas will make the refrigerator consume more energy.

3. A Handkerchief and a Bucket Might Come In Handy

Keeping your wine cool isn’t just for storing. It doesn’t make sense to do all of this effort if we are about to have lunch in the table of our backyard, with the sunlight right in the forehead. We must keep the bottle as cold as possible until it is served.

In this case, a few tools might come in handy:

  • Wine Chiller or Bucket: These accessories will help you maintain the wine cool at the table. Fill the bucket with enough ice to completely cover the bottle. A champagne bucket works fine for these cases.
  • Cloth Handkerchief: With a handkerchief, you can serve the wine and keep preventing sunlight from keeping contact with the wine. The cloth isolates the body temperate from the cool temperature of the bottle.

Be Cautious, Always

Maybe some of these measures might sound exaggerated or overkill, but we want to prevent as much as possible to lose the favor of the wine. Most of these recommendations don’t need that much to be taken care of, and the tools needed can be mostly found in your house. Every single detail can take you one more step forward in taking care of your investment and looking like a fancy sommelier at your next family gathering.