We know that a good wine is a long-term investment most of the time. As any investment, there are ways to take care of it. When you buy aged wines, consider them as a living thing; if you don’t take care of it, it will perish and turn into vinegar.

To understand why storing your wine is important, let’s learn the 3 enemies of wine.

The 3 Enemies Of Wine: Light, Heat, and Vibrations

The enemies of wine should be avoided at all costs for storage. Each of them could damage the wine or lose its flavor.

Store wine far from any windows or direct sunlight. This is the main reason why some wines could turn into vinegar. Ever considered why wine bottles are mostly dark? To prevent light from coming in.

Even though it isn’t in contact with the light, a hot place isn’t the right place. The colder the storage place, the better. You don’t want it to be freezing, but just chilly enough to make sure no heat comes to the bottle.

Also, prevent storing the wine from places with vibrations, like near your laundry machines or other types of home appliances. Vibrations also generate heat that affects the taste of your investment.

Refrigeration Vs. Storing

Should you refrigerate your wines or just store them in a cellar? Both options have their benefits. It all depends if you’re planning to age wines or just keep them in mint condition for the next celebration.

A wine refrigerator is a good investment if you live in a hot place (I’m talking to you, Californians and Floridians). A fridge could be on the pricier side, but it allows you to store wines for aging. These fridges should be set at 55ºF, taking into account that the area you are is 30º degrees hotter. Make sure you buy a good fridge, as you don’t want any surprises on your next electric fee.

Wine storage is more affordable, ranging from different ways to do it. You can buy storage systems that are costly, but you can also buy a simple wood rack and place it in an ideal place. Always take into account that wines should not be stored in an upright, vertical position. It is highly recommended to store them at an angle or even place it in a horizontal position next to the wall if you don’t have the luxury of space.

Wine Is An Investment. Treat It As Such.

If you’re starting your own wine collection, spend what you can to store them in the correct place. Good wines can age well if they’re stored in the ideal places. As we mentioned earlier, wine is a breathing, living thing. Understand that if you don’t store wine well, the guests will be tasting vinegar instead of that pricey Bordeaux wine.